Alumni Update: Believe In Yourself, Stay Strong, and Trust The Process

What are the values that you applied so that you were able to overcome challenges at work?

  1. Persistence
  2. Genuine
  3. Networking

How did you feel about being a part of XLFL Family and how did it affect you?

I felt super excited because I got to meet extraordinary people while at some points made me feel anxious by the fact that I wasn’t good enough. This was actually a trigger for me in order to be the better version of me each time. So, as XL Future Leaders awardee, I can feel the impact on of how I manage to realize that weaknesses and mistakes are not something to be ashamed of. Other than that, having good connection is also one of the advantages. And sometimes I got the opportunity meeting BoD of startup companies where they valued XLFL Program really well. Many of them are ex-XL so that I feel comfortable having discussion with them. Last but not least is having an outstanding attitude. In XL Future Leaders, we were always given the opportunity to collaborate whether it’s a team work with the awardees, the facilitator or the XL internal team. We learn that collaborations are all about teamwork. It was such a pleasure to have that many chances of meeting new people that time when I was still an awardee.

What are the lessons you get during the XL Future Leaders Program that help you reaching out your dreams?

  1. Learning much of Thinking tools
  2. Practicing a lot of Elevator pitch
  3. Having a chance to change in Grooming class

Since now you’ve been working in startup company, what are the common hardships that you face along the way especially as a special project manager at Qiscus?

Hmmm.. I think there is nothing hard about it because to be honest if I finally find any hardships, I would rather overcome the situation and manage it to meet its goal as well as keeping it look easier. So far I consider my life is lucky, but remember, luck is just another word for managing the small details

Are these parts of your goals?

My goal is simple, it is about helping people who know me and are close to me.

As a Special Project Manager, do you think it requires any special character?

The formula in each role and industry are completely different. Just be yourself. Trust in yourself that you can always have that ability to go to the extra miles. As long as you are willing to work hard, learn, and begin to try then it’s okay to make mistakes. I do it continuously detail by detail until I find out which ones that fit to me the most. So by doing that, we can finally see the answer. Wait for the process. Sometimes your expectation is different from the reality, but it will be worse if you haven’t done anything but you have given up.

What are the unfair advantages to work in the field you’re working on?

Hahaha I consider there are 3;

  • Relations, this keeps me close to the management and many C-Levels companies
  • The world class company, so I got many experiences. Some offerings come inside and outside Indonesia
  • Hypergrowth mindset, so I can learn how to scale something really fast

Kenny Ivanzaky Augusta, Special Project Manager @ Qiscus Pte Ltd

Alumni XLFL Batch 3 – Jakarta