Young Leaders Taking Action

Creating Impact Across Indonesia

At XL Future Leaders we believe learning and reflection should be accompanied by informed action. This allows young people to apply their skills and emerge with invaluable real-world experience.

Young leaders gaining real world insights

Our objective is to empower young leaders to create impact in their communities and workplaces, and this begins with insightful questions and critical awareness. So in April our Batch 1 Global Leaders were sent out into their communities to experience social research firsthand. They came back with a new understanding of the needs and values of the communities they see everyday.







Entrepreneurship in action

After learning principles of entrepreneurship in our workshops and modules, a group of Global Leaders in Jogjakarta decided to take action and start their own entrepreneurial venture, the Deg Degan Cafe.  These young leaders entered their business into a nationwide competition sponsored by Indonesia’s Ministry of Small/Medium Enterprise and were given venture-funding after finishing among the top of thousands of contestants.







Empowering massive educational impact

Armed with a dream of one day impacting Indonesia’s national education system, a young woman in our Global Leaders program began attending conferences led by Indonesia’s Ministry of Education. Having experienced globally recognized learning concepts such as the inquiry learning model and constructivist philosophy, she is being recognized as an innovative thinker within her context.







Accelerating opportunities for young talent

Upon graduation from their university programs, many of our Global Leaders interested in business have secured positions in Fortune 500 companies operating in Indonesia. These world-class companies are already asking how they can quickly advance Global Leaders within their ranks in order to maximize the drive and critical insights these young people bring to the workplace.







Exposure to global perspectives

Our staff includes expert educators, facilitators and advisors from around the world that provide a broad perspective of globally recognized leadership best practices. Additionally, many young people in the Global Leaders program have earned acceptance into competitions and conferences across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. This global perspective adds value to young leaders and the organizations they will impact in the future.







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