Congratulations! This is XL Future Leaders Batch 9 Result!

Dear Awardees

Welcome to XLFL family, now you are officially part of Batch 9 cohort! Congratulations!

We cannot wait to make you busy and experience this Award-Winning Program. It is super challenging yet rewarding activities!

As you know, each year XLFL brings positive change. This includes the way we have been adjusting with the new normal and we are going stronger; more new activities, internal and external programs, collaborations, skills, and challenges. Let alone the number applying for this Batch 9, strong 35.864 applicants! Two times bigger than the previous intake. This is the highest numbers of XLFL selection history. After a nation-wide selection process, we are pleased to announce that all 160 elected awardees will soon start the XL Future Leaders journey.

These 160 selected awardees will have the privilege to experience a 2-year leadership and soft skills development program. We make sure that all will feel certain that a unique and valuable experience will take place. This program has proven to give direct and indirect impacts for every awardee and all the people surround them.

We are delighted to invite you, the 160 of Batch 9 awardees, to attend XL Future Leaders National Conference on December 12 – 13, 2020 online! The very first in XLFL journey, and we are more than ready!

One step closer to Batch 9 official induction as XLFL new family. So, please check our official email sent to you to confirm your acceptance. We are promptly awaiting your response and we are at your full disposal for any additional information and/or any assistance you might need at this point.

Again, we thank all applicants for your interest in joining XL Future Leaders’ selection. For those who are not selected to join this Batch 9, we trust that your learning spirit is still high. So, please sign up to our online module on to keep improving you and take part for a change of our better future.

Best Regards



Note: For this online National Conference, costs related to data connection and gadget to support your National Conference activities will be provided by XL Axiata beforehand.